Nord Pool Application Suite (2015)

With the ultimate goal of updating all their tools to HTML5 technologies, Nord Pool found an opportunity to bring all of their applications together into a single ecosystem. Nord Pool runs the most prominent energy market in Europe, offering Day-Ahead (auction style) and Intraday (spot) solutions, along with a number of reporting, urgent messaging and compliance tools.

I joined the project a few months into its inception, and was initially given full responsibility for the design work on one of their tools, following design guidelines established by the company and the initial design work conducted. Because of my increasing involvement across products and confidence from the client, my responsibilities gradually increased Рand by the end of the engagement I was designing and overseeing quality for four concurrent projects in the ecosystem. These applications were designed following workshops and interviews with users, and aimed to provide functionality that improved the productivity of both suppliers and consumers of energy.

An important part of my work in the later stages of this project was to unify the design language between these different applications that were developed – despite their disparate user cases, target users and development practices. This design language was created to match a rebranding effort by the company, providing a consistent message and overall experience that contributed to the successful launch of these products.


  • Designed in 2015
  • Duration: 10 month engagement
  • Platforms: Desktop, Tablet supported
  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator