Nord Pool Mobile App (2016)

Targeted to match the release of the first Nord Pool desktop applications, the Nord Pool mobile app aimed to provide users with their most requested mobile functionality – check the daily published prices.

Through the course of a week I went through a process of ideation, examining competitor’s offerings and gathering feedback and knowledge collected from the desktop projects. Despite competitor’s offerings being table-focused, I felt the simplicity of what users were looking for warranted a streamlined design, focused on the prices and their relationship with time.

I took inspiration from calendar apps, and applied a timeline navigation as core to the application – as you scroll through the list you move through time, with the prices pointing at the date displayed on the top menu. You can jump to specific dates using a calendar view, and drill down on a specific time history by tapping on it.

It was designed over the course of 3 weeks (from concept to polished visuals) as a native iOS app, with older devices in mind – and updated to iPhone X for the purpose of this portfolio.

It is a simple application that answers a specific need and is designed to convey that simplicity and focus. I believe this focus is why it has been very well received in the Northern Europe markets – it has been available on the App Store for a few years.


  • Designed in 2016
  • Duration: 2 to 3 weeks engagement
  • Platforms: Mobile (native iOS)
  • Tools: Sketch