Metal Price Research App

The Metal Price Research App (brand is obscured), was created to complement the client’s full-featured desktop application. According to feedback from their users, the most important data you want to keep track of on-the-go is the different research prices of metals and steel, which are published daily or weekly, and the app was designed to answer that specific need.

Designed in a very short time frame of 2 weeks (from concept to prototype and specification), this application aimed to provide a focused experience, an MVP. The intention was to provide users with valuable functionality as a starting point, gather feedback and iterate from there.

All components were designed and assembled into a full Principle prototype (which you can see as a walkthrough video to the right). This prototype was used to champion the concept to the client and ultimately gather the interest required for a sign-off to be developed. This was very successful, and following a brief development period, it should be arriving on the App Store within the next few months.


  • Designed in 2018
  • Duration: 2 weeks engagement
  • Platforms: Mobile (native iOS)
  • Tools: Sketch, Principle